Mountain Gallery

The Hall of World Mountains has information about the 14 peaks which cross 26,247 feet. The picture of the mountains and factual data are also provided. The mountain section gives a deep insight into the above facts.
Hall of world mountains
Second hall is the Hall of World Mountains where visitors are introduced to the national and international mountains, historical background, highest peaks.

Information of all 14 peaks over 8 thousand meters of height and their photographs are available in this section. Geological section in this hall displays collection of important rock samples that formed geological formation of the Mountain range.

Flora and fauna collected in picture and real stuffed replicas; plants and wild animals excite the visitors as if they are watching the serene beauty and real wild lives in the wild in yet another small section called corner of dedication, contributions of five prominent personalities are displayed. Dawa Norbu Sherpa - the prominent contributor in the construction of International Mountain building, Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah - who translated the vision of international mountain museum, Dr. Tony Hagen, explorer and the geologist, Reverend Kawaguichi Ekai - the first Japanese to visit Nepal in January 26, 1899, Dr. Harka Gurung - the renowned geographer, development partner and conservationalist of Nepal are preserved here for public display.

Mountain Activities Gallery