Hall of mountain people

It showcases indigenous habitants of the mountain regions of Nepal and the world. Their life style and culture are exposed impressively below this first basement hall, influencing the subconscious of the visitors that they are at the height to understand and know the information displayed just below them.

For the close observation, when the visitors stare down the basement, they are ushered by the museum guides to the adjoining video hall to orient them about the people, culture and the mountains of Khumbu region.

Magar cultural dress and objects.
After the 18 minutes video orientation, when visitors are fully prepared to understand the information, they see life size models of the mountain people of Nepal and the world.
Tamang cultural dress and objects.

People of Nepal, Taiwan, Slovenia and Japan; their culture, costumes and artifacts amuse many visitors who are not from the mountain regions. This section is also important for comparative studies of the Alpine Mountain People of Europe and Nepal with the help of photographs taken 50 years ago.

Different people and their traditional dress.
Mountain Gallery